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The Journey Continues for Little Hero

Veteran singjay Little Hero has released his latest album, The 'Journey Continue'.

The groundbreaking project contains twelve tracks, an eclectic blend of reggae and dancehall music showcasing Little Hero's versatility.

Inspirational tunes such as "Ready Again" and "World Right Now" are among the album's highlights. Faith-based interpretations like "Don't Ever Give Up," "God is Amazing," and "Thank God for Another Day" provide soul and upliftment to the listener.

The album would be incomplete without adding appealing Dancehall and love songs for the women, demonstrating the record's versatility. Tracks like "Heart of Kingston," "Straight from my Heart," and "Do the Right Thing" highlight Little Hero's extraordinary artistry on 'The Journey Continue.'

Little Hero made it a family affair by including his kids, Jason "Don1" Gayle and Jemar "Jay 1" Gayle, on this CD, and they provided a superb spellbinding performance of "Do the Right Thing." Producers on this album include Sheldon Edwards/Pandemic Records (World Right Now), Conroy Smith (Always on My Mind), and Donglez Records (Heart of Kingston). 

The artist, Little Hero, and his brother, Pzed, of God Alone Studios, wrote and produced all of the other tunes on 'The Journey Continue.'



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