• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Stylo G is Home Alone

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

After conquering his homeland Jamaica with major hits such as 'Touch Down' and 'Dumplin, Stylo G, who broke out in Britain, has been riding high. 

The London based artist has been very prolific and has been churning out a bunch of blazing dancehall/one beat tunes. They include bangers such as 'Designer' with Govanna, Whoop Whoop, 'Bamm Bamm', 'Badman Party' featuring Jahvillani and Track Starr and 'Too Hot'.

Nowadays it seems that it's a requirement to record a XXX- rated song or two, to appeal to the ladies and the formula seems to be working. So Stylo has made his contribution to the trend by graphically describing his lovemaking prowess and his preferences for freaky sex in his new song 'Home Alone'. 

At first one would think this was a Govanna song (Govana's style is officially now a thing), but eventually, Stylo's trademark delivery become evident by the end of the track. The visuals for the song is steaming hot, exploring themes such as ménage à trois, voyeurism and much more.

Buckle up for the ride, see visuals below