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Rygin King's 7 Fall Many Rise a Cry for Redemption

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

In a system that supports the school-to-prison pipeline, Rygin King's new single '7 Fall Many Rise' will be significant to an ailing populace riddled with inequality and marginalisation of your males.

In '7 Fall Many Rise', Rygin King calls for recognition of what young men forced into criminality and other nefarious activities have to endure. While the beat is boilerplate, the lyrics are vulnerable and speak about mental issues, suicide, trauma, false pride, reflection, redemption, oppression, resilience and survival.

These subjects are unusual for popular culture; however, these types of lyrics are slowly emerging in popular culture in recent times. It seems our men are getting used to expressing their feelings. With so much violence, misogyny, marginalisation and disregard for the poor in society, we are hoping to hear more songs in this vein.

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