• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Kumar is Back With Remember Me

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

It was only a matter of time before Kumar Fyah would release a new project for his growing superfans. The former Raging Fyah lead singer's last album was the Raging Fyah Grammy nominated "Everlasting' in 2016. So fan were left hanging for new songs from the reggae warrior.

Now, Kumar’s long awaited first solo album “Kulture Walk” is almost here. The first single from the album, entitled “Remember Me” was recently released with a new video directed by Garett Daley.

The singer, songwriter and producer, easily flows from deep roots reggae to soulful pop as exemplified in the upcoming album. According to the artist, his new music reinforces unique diversity, seeking to learn and capture all he can within his art form. The single “Remember Me” is written by Kumar and produced by Jahvanie Weekday Morrison "Tru Ambassador " and Kumar.

Speaking on the collaboration Kumar said, Creating this song was a fulfilling experience. My very good friend and producer extraordinaire Jahvanie Weekday came up with the idea for the music and immediately the lyrics came to me. No one wants to feel left behind or feel like they give constantly but don’t receive anything back from others. This song means a lot to me and relates to many others ... I am just another voice encouraging them and us that life can be more beautiful and rewarding. Remember me, remember you, remember love.” The “Kulture Walk” album is scheduled to be released on May 1 , 2020. There are 13 tracks onthe album, with a variety of musical styles including features with M1 “Dead Prez “(USA), and Agent Sasco (Jamaica). Co-Producers on the album include Robert Livingston (Big Yaad /Jamaica), Clive Hunt (Jamaica), Walter Bonnet (Italy). Notis and Budwise productions also contributed to the album mixed by Gregory Morris (Jamaica). Executive Producers of the album are Kulture Walk Music Group and Musicmovements.