• Ralston Barrett

Relevant Boss Making Big Moves

Relevant Boss is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and transformation.

He recently discovered that a young man named Jdan was making negative comments about him on a popular blog. Instead of handling the situation negatively, he reached out to Jdan and reasoned with him.

By doing so, he turned a negative situation into a positive one.

“A few months ago, someone told me that a person by the name of Jdan was making harsh comments about me on Pinkwall. So I decided to reach out to him to find out why he was making these negative comments. Talking to him, I realized that he was frustrated about not being able to get a break in the music biz, so I decided to do some work with him.”

The first song that Relevant Boss and Jdan have recorded together is a thought-provoking single titled 'Optimistic'.

Produced by Relevant Boss, the song was released a month ago on his Afristyle Production label with a video.

“I’m delighted that something good has come out of a situation that started in a less than positive way. Jdan is a very talented artist, and I am happy I could record this song with him and help him to launch his career,” said Relevant Boss.