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Reggae Remix for Tems' Higher

Nigerian songstress Tems has released a reggae remix of the song "Higher" the remix is produced by Dj and remixer Willy Chin with co-production from Supa Dups & Mitchum "Khan" Chin.

Willy Chin is part of the sound system and production outfit known as Black Chiney, headquartered in Miami, Florida. They are Supa Dups, Bobby Chin and Willy Chin.

"Higher" is a noteworthy track from her 2020 EP, "For Broken Ears."

Singer and producer, Tems is among a new set of artists who are redefining the Nigerian music scene with each new release. Tems brings an urban sound that is undeniably unique, embodying a fusion of alternative r&b and neo soul genres.



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