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Reggae is Still King Certifiedstreams Confirms It

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Despite the perceived notion that popular styles such as traphall, one beat and dancehall are the dominant genres in terms of consumption, a recent report by Caribbean based music metrics firm would beg to differ.

Its Industry overview report for Q1 2022 revealed that the shelf life of homegrown music had fallen significantly.

Homegrown dancehall/traphall productions in the first quarter of 2022 saw an average shelf life of 11 days compared to Reggae productions which exhibited an average shelf life of 23.5 Days.

Though dancehall/traphall releases for the period outpaced Reggae almost 9 to 1, Reggae releases were four times more likely to appear on Mainstream Music Charts charts than dancehall/traphall releases.

Regardless of the differentials in numbers, homegrown Jamaican music has been enjoying a fruitful year, with one of the largest collective contingencies of reggae and dancehall/traphall artists in the mainstream limelight since the early 90s.

Emerging acts such as Skillibeng, Skeng, Shenseea, and Shaniel Muir, alongside seasoned veterans in the field such as Spice, Shaggy, and Sean Paul, have continued to make remarkable headways in mainstream media and have been consistent in their musical delivery since the start of the year.

Certifiedstreams is the latest entrant to the music metrics space, focusing on Caribbean music data and operates 4 Official Music Charts,,,, and

The company also provides customized reports for major label A&Rs, independent producers, and academic institutions, with a data-driven bird's eye view of the Caribbean music ecosystem.



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