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Pusha T, Jay Z, Pharrell Williams Neck & Wrist

Pusha T and Jay-Z have released a new song together for the first time since their 2016 duet "Drug Dealers Anonymous." The new track is entitled "Neck and Wrist." produced by Pharrell Williams with his typical heavy drum sounds. The song's lyrics extol the better things in life and what money may purchase for you. The fans are having their say on YouTube.


I can't get over this beat. Mainstream hip hop needs these kind of rich and uniquely textured beats, trap is getting so stale.

Landlord Steven

I love this song because it's literally the perfect definition for the word LONGEVITY just a couple of greats in their elements still doing what they do at the highest level decades later

I'm Your Wife's Big D Sidepiece

Most underrated rapper alive, Pusha T. Always vibed with his flow, it's like raw aggressive elegance.


Pharrell on the beat and the bridge. Pusha and Jay on the verses - now that's what you call luxurious Dope music.

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