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Official Staff Presents Cedric Myton Mix by The Scientist

Following the release of their debut record, "Meeting Point," and a "Riddim Project" in 2021 with La Grosse Radio Reggae that featured about twenty tracks and artists from all over the world, Official Staff continues with their musical endeavours and releases their latest work.

The Normandy backing band has put on a fantastic show and is here to tickle our ears by releasing the very first solo album of the living reggae legend Cedric Myton." One of the greatest sound engineers in Jamaica, The Scientist, was enlisted by Official Staff to mix down and master the album "Rat Trap" to add all the musical depth required for this hits collection.

The master simply sat behind the consoles, seduced by the project, and delivered a DUB version of "Rat Trap" with a twelveth single.

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