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New Single from Bitty McClean and Sly & Robbie

Updated: Mar 17

Taxi Production has released "Let's Make Up," Bitty McLean's second single ahead of the release of his new album "Forward," following the release of "Glass House," which received a ton of hits on YouTube and accolades from the industry's leading personalities, as well as worldwide press and radio attention.

"Let's Make Up," produced with Sly & Robbie in 2020, is a homage to getting things straightened out, to finding ways to live in love and peace, rather than remaining obtusely on one's position: "stop for a moment" and find a middle ground.

Sly Dunbar (drums) and the late  Robbie Shakespeare (bass) live up to their reputation as Jamaica's strongest riddim section with an instrumental that harkens back to a long-forgotten golden era of heavy rub - a - dub riddims over which vocalists like Gregory Isaacs and Dennis Brown used to lay down their records.

The riddim twins, once again supported by the renowned Robbie Lyn and Bitty on keyboards, establish a firm basis on which Bitty's silky, yet strong, voice floats effortlessly.

Listen Here

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