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New Releases from Jahmento Records

Jahmento Records, known for its high-quality productions, has released two new singles and a nu-wave Ep. The singles include 'This is the Time' Luciano and 'Don't You Worry,' featuring the late Edi Fitzroy.

Luciano's 'This is the Time' is brilliantly sung on an r&b styled groove featuring Sly and Robbie with Lloyd guitsy, Willis, on guitars and Robbie Lyn on keyboards. Edi Fitzroy's 'Don't You Worry' implores us to not worry about life's ups and downs; An appropriate song for the times.

The Ep entitled One Beat, Night Crawler Riddim, features Ray-Gan, East Coast, Barbie, 3 D, and Stone Cold. The One Beat series is part of a new series that features the One Beat genre. Signifying all the sounds that have emerged in Jamaica in recent years, including one pop, trap dancehall and ska-tech. All songs are available on all music platforms.


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