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New Music From Alkaline

Alkaline is out with a new track entitled "Valum," and his fans are loving this one. writing on Alkaline's YouTube Channel, Ezmar wrote,

"Alkaline is like Kanye West of dancehall , him soon start used samples in his songs , bay different style alot of fans may not like it but he is one of the few last original dancehall artiste that is still doing big, every artiste weh trend now fr skeng to intence recycle Alka style and restructure some of his lyrics , if you memba " man a shella " then you will remember the hip hop style, weh these young artiste a use was already done by Alka , Alka taste in music change."

Another fan called Elemento Deassis from Ghana noted;

"This is gonna be a hit song, love from Ghana" 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

Valum is delivered on a hard-driving 808 traphall beat produced by Autobamb Records. See video above

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