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Nardo Ranks sues HoodCelebrity for Copyright Infringement

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Veteran dancehall artist Nardo Ranks is suing fellow Jamaican Hoodcelebrity for copyright infringement of his song 'Dem a Bleach'.

The civil suit was filed in a Manhattan court last week, Ranks, whose real name is Gary Henderson alleges that HoodCelebrity infringed on his work 'Dem a Bleach' in her latest release 'Run Di Road'.

'Dem A Bleach' was a big hit in the 1990s and was featured on the seminal album 'Reggae Bangara' produced by Sly Dunbar, Gitsy Willis and Herbie Harris.

The album also featured the mega-hit 'Murder She Wrote' by Chaka Demus and Pliers which peaked at 57 on the Hot 100, 39 on the r&b charts and 5 on the rap charts.

Interestingly 'Run Di Road' also borrows from 'Murder She Wrote' and Buju Banton's 'Batty Rider' as was reported by Riddimstyle In March 2020.

Since the filing of the civil suit, Hoodcelebrity has taken down the original version of the song from her Youtube page, which was posted March 20.

She replaced it on June 18 with a new version of the song without the infringing lines from Nardo Ranks song. The melody from Buju Banton's 'Batty Rider' is also missing.

See the new video below

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