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Nadirah X drops a New Single/Video Nobody's Coming

Jamaican born Nadirah' Nadz' Seid, better known by her stage name Nadirah X drops her new video from her stirring single 'Nobody's Coming' featuring Olaf Blackwood. Nadirah X (poet/rapper/writer) came onto the musical landscape in the early 2000s.

In 2010, she unleashed her debut album INK with executive producer Dave Stewart from Eurythmics's iconic band.

It was an album that garnered critical acclaim with names like Grammy award-winning producer Glenn Ballard (Alanis Morrisette, Michael Jackson, Aerosmith) citing Nadirah X's 'rhythms of her flow' as 'powerful and purifying.'

According to Deepak Chopra, 'Her words come from the streets and hit you in the gut.'

Regarding her single Here it Comes, Dave Stewart has said, 'Annie and I don't approve many samples of our music, especially songs like 'Here Comes The Rain Again' But Nadirah is an amazing artist with integrity. All the righteous ideas of her lyrics work with our song. We both love her.'

Nadirah has now emerged with Nobody's Coming, an acoustic infused number blessed by an amazing and rousing chorus sung by Jamaican singer Olaf Blackwood and produced by Ned Douglas (co-producer of Here It Comes). The song ultimately asks us 'to save ourselves.'

The simple but powerful video directed by Rillah adds a telling and intimate visual component to this blistering radio vibe.

2022 Nadirah X wants to bring some great tracks with great collabos to boot.

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