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Morgan Heritage Returns with Headline Fi Front Page

Morgan Heritage, a multi-Grammy award-winning reggae band, known for speaking out on the injustices of the voiceless and having a long list of reggae successes, has resurfaced after two years to offer their thoughts on the media's lack of attention to injustices.

Rytikal (aka Purytikal), Jahshii, and more seasoned musician I Octane are featured on 'Headline Fi Front Page.' This magnificent new tune is a groovy combination of Morgan Heritage's rootsy reggae with some vivid current dancehall and hip hop style merged.

Morgan Heritage is noted for their award-winning music and hit hits such as 'Don't Haffi Dread,' Down By The River, 'Tell Me How Come,' and 'Sunday Morning,' among others. Grammy-nominated Avrakadebra, Strictly Roots, which won the Grammy for Best Reggae Album in 2016, and Legacy, which was just published, have all contributed to their place in Jamaican music history.

Morgan Heritage, the band, was formed by five of Denroy Morgan's brilliant offspring and now consists of Roy 'Gramps' Morgan, Peter 'Peetah' Morgan, and Memmalatel 'Mr Mojo' Morgan, who are known as The Trinity. The group's musical fabric is still intact, as seen by their recent hit.

'Headline Fi Front Page' welcomes young artist Rytikal, who just transitioned to the more positive alias Purytikal, to discuss the influence and responsibility of the media on the information provided. Morgan Heritage's characteristic tone of sharp social criticism is maintained as he manages a skilful report on the social climate.

I Octane delivers his trademark rebuke of the corrupt system. At the same time, Jahshii expresses his viewpoint on the deception perpetrated by news organizations.

Morgan Heritage provides a much-needed forum for reflection on our society and the situation of the media responsible for reporting on it. They bring up several subjects that have been hotly debated in Jamaica over the last year or so, including the police shaving of a young Rastafarian.


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