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More Than Meets the Eye- Lila Iké: Phenomenal Woman

Close your eyes and picture an innovative, free-spirited, incredibly talented, dedicated, beautiful, and headstrong woman who also happens to be a musician. If you guessed Lila Iké, you most definitely have an ear for talent and exquisite taste in music.

From being just a brown girl from the ghetto to being a rising star, Alecia Grey, professionally known as Lila Iké, hails from the hills of Manchester in the vicinity of Christiana.

Since she found out she was good at music, she has been a force to be reckoned with. She believed in her worth and remained unyielding. Despite the noise, she became hyper-focused on what she wanted to achieve, and sure enough, her perseverance and hard work paid off.

From using music as a mere distraction to using it to unify and inspire persons of all social classes, ages, and beliefs, Wurl Iké may be the next face of female Reggae music.

With some sweet inspiration, creativity, and lots of talent, whether in solitude or just walking on the street, Lila curates songs to soothe the soul.

With ballads being her favourite style of singing and a voice smoother than velvet, she combines sensuality with consciousness to generate music that tugs on each and every heartstring and is perfect for every occasion. Garnett Silk, Lauryn Hill, Kabaka Pyramid, Queen Ifrica, Jesse Royal, and Protoje, among others, provide her with a significant amount of inspiration that has helped to shape her into the phenomenon that she is now.

In terms of her personal style, Lila mixes fashion styles from 90s dancehall icons such as Beenie Man, Bounty Killa, and Shabba Ranks with a touch of femininity to really encapsulate her desired aesthetic. It’s no surprise that Lila pays homage in every aspect she can, involving legends and upcoming stars, like herself, in whatever capacity she can.

Appearing at the Burna Boy concert held in 2022 in Kingston, Jamaica, and the Grammy nomination for one of Protoje’s songs she featured on are what she spoke of as two of many of her defining moments. Her recent and first award for Best Reggae Album/EP (female) from the Dubby Awards for her project ‘The ExPerience" is definitely the first of several.

It’s clear to see that cultural retention is one of the many goals she seeks to achieve within the new age. Lila’s passion for music, unity, and consciousness is seen through her ‘Wurl Jam’ sessions at Dubwise Café, an initiative to showcase young artists. She even uses the space to hone her guitar skills.

Her ability to gather people from all walks of life to enjoy music and encourage young talent precedes her. She expresses great amounts of gratitude to Protoje for discovering her and believing in her dreams, and thanks to him and the opportunity he afforded her, her dreams are now a reality.

Lila Iké is a great musician and performer, so there's no question that the stars are in her favour. Since being in bloom, she is still blooming and will continue to inspire change, encourage creativity and consciousness, and spread love with her dulcet tones and melodic harmonies.


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