• Janae Hyman

Mike Izon Seeks Another Rainbow

Hawaii is a hotbed for reggae music, and the genre is more popular there than one might expect. If you listen to local radio, it won't be long until you hear a reggae song. The distinctive one-drop drumming and offbeat-emphasized rhythm dominate popular music on the islands, and few places stage more reggae performances each year than Hawaii.

Reggae, Jawaiian or I Pop as it is called locally, is so ingrained in local culture that it's difficult to recall a period when it wasn't the soundtrack to island life.

Mike Izon is among a list of reggae artists who have been churning out some great reggae songs in recent years, and his latest single, 'Another Rainbow', is just what fans have been anticipating.

'Another Rainbow', the single,  is a peppy, uplifting song with a powerful message for everyone.

Mike Izon offers this inspirational message through 'Another Rainbow,' which has taken the world by storm with respect for undivided peace, racial equality, and safeguarding our planet. 'Another Rainbow' has an irresistible Reggae Pop flavour to it, with a driving beat, calming vocals, and dynamic production that combines peace and optimism into one.