• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

Megan Thee Stallion's New Track 'Girls In The Hood' Brings Sister Drama

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Megan the Stallion is taking some heat for sampling legendary rapper, Eazy E classic hit 'Boys-in-the-Hood' on her latest summer release, 'Girls In The Hood'.

Eazy E's daughter Erica also known as Reemarkable a rapper went on her Instagram page to vent about the fact that other artists are allowed to use her father's work while no one in his family has been allowed to use his work. 

She states. 'So tired of the bullshit games we gotta keep playing, I'm done being quiet! We want involvement when it comes to our daddy, tired of my sister crying about the unfairness. WE EAT OFF NOTHING MY DADDY LEFT BEHIND."

However, Ebie another daughter is cool with Megan using the sample. She went on her Instagram page to vent that she is upset with Reemarkable who she claims is not Easy E's daughter and is trying to present herself as his child. 

The two have been sparing on social media and accusing each other of clout chasing.