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Lucy Morningstar Deepens Her Musical Roots In Jamaica

With the release of her new single Victories, Lucy Morningstar asserts her growing dominance on the Reggae scene in the United States.

Victories features EarthKry's Phillip McFarlane and Aldayne Haughton, as well as award-winning Jamaican producer Delroy Pottinger.

Victories is a three-song project developed, created, and produced by Jasmine at the legendary Anchor Recording Studios in Kingston, Jamaica. It is one of three song projects recorded in Jamaica. Lucy Morningstar consistently demonstrates that her distinct style of genre-mashing reggae is robust and unrivalled.

It's a soundscape that captures Lucy 2.0's essence and quintessential talents while also elevating them with a fresh, contemporary perspective.

Aside from entertaining her listeners with her story-telling abilities, she hopes to introduce them to this new and exciting side of her talents derived from her travels, as well as to entertain them with what she has to say.

This source of inspiration has contributed to her ability to tell stories.

In Victories, she unapologetically and organically delivers an endless stream of infectious and uplifting upbeat vibes and positive vibrations.

As a result, fans will be able to live out their fantasies for the rest of their lives.

Following the release, fans can expect Lucy to begin 2023 with another release from her Jamaica trip. She will also release a slew of other highly anticipated singles, culminating in a summer tour that is already in the works for 2023.



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