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  • Garcia Clarke

Kukukdoo drops  Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a profound compilation with the right rhythm, perform by an artistic individual called David ‘Kukukdoo’ McDermott.

Kukudoo is known as a vibes machine with his signature revivalist style and sound “Hai Hai Hai”. He is one of Jamaica’s vibrant gospel singers, born and raised in the March Pen area of Spanish Town, St Catherine.

David initially had no interest in church or gospel singing, but this proved to be his divine destiny. ‘Kukudoo’ is water baptised, Holy Ghost-filled, and he is also a Minister of the word of God.

His songs are popular in Jamaica’s nine-night and set-up settings creating that good Jamaican vibes. Kukudoo’s aim is to continue breaking new grounds; with the of hope of positively impacting Jamaica and the world with his ministry and music.

This album, Jerusalem, consists of 16 spirit-filled tracks, with biting lyrics, backed by rhythmic drumming; featuring hit singles such as ‘King David’ and ‘Thank You Jesus’. Jerusalem is an accurate representation of Jamaica’s spiritual heritage and promises to keep you rocking to every beat.

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