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Kelly Rowland loves her Coffee

Kelly Rowland's new video for 'Coffee' is steaming hot and her sensuality is on full display. Explaining the reason behind this pushing the envelope moment to Essence magazine the sultry songstress said, “I had a moment where I thought, how was Eve in the garden? Was she self-conscious, or did she just stand in her womanhood that God made for her. But it took me a long time to get there. For so long I think society has been like ‘No cover that… Don’t see that.’ But then there’s Venus de Milo standing there in all her glory in a shell. [laughs] So, you’re going to get all of this.” her fans on YouTube certanly are feeling this new song

Kamochi ombiro 1 week ago This woman is pure art. Like if you agree

Yvy Ma'reena 1 week ago Yes ! 👍🏾

red fox 1 week ago Facts

mergirl2000 Dunne 1 week ago FACTS 💯 meria martell 2 days ago My first thoughts watching this video. Miss Rosy K 1 day ago She is a goddess on another level 🔥

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