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Jamaican Raxann Chin is Costume Designer for new Disney Film

Raxann Chin, a Jamaican-born couturier, has recently finished her most recent big project as Costume Designer on the new Disney short film Keeping Up With The Claus, which will be released next month on several major platforms in time for the Christmas holidays.

Margaret Ladd, widely known for her major role as Emma Channing in the long-running primetime soap opera Falcon Crest, and Nadira Foster Williams (Renegade Darlings) star in the production, which is described as 'a festive family film with a twist'. Eva Minemar and Dolores Diaz produced it, while Jaanelle Yee directed it.

Chin states that 'Without giving too much away, I can say that it's a project I'm extremely glad to be a part of, that Disney has brought its customary panache and expertise to it, and that it's ideal family entertainment for viewers of all ages and backgrounds. Come December, viewers will be in for a tremendous treat.'

Chin's involvement in a project produced by one of the world's most well-known brands is the latest professional achievement in her nearly three-decade career in fashion and design, which has taken her to the worlds of film, television, opera, sports, beauty pageants, and award show red carpets.


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