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Jamaican artist sues Beyonće and Jay Z

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Internationally acclaimed dancer, choreographer and actress, Dr L'Atoinette Stines has filed a lawsuit against superstars, Beyonće and Jay Z for copyright infringement, right of publicity and unjust enrichment. The suit is stemming from the song 'Black Effect' on which Dr Stines is a featured artist. 

 According to the lawsuit, Dr Stines "is 68 years old, and she is extremely well respected and highly regarded in the island of Jamaica, and throughout the world for her artistry and wisdom." In 2018 Dr Stines provided dancers for the video but was also asked to give a vocal introduction for the video.

Dr Stines claims that she signed an agreement but, 'When Dr. Stines inquired into the tDrs of the agreement, Jay-Z's team told her it 'was just a standard document that everyone had to sign.' the suit states. 'She was then told not to worry because the agreement was only going to be utilized so that her voice could be in the video.'

The vocal intro made it to the recording when the album 'Everything Is Love' was released in June 2018, much to the consternation and dismay of Dr Stines. She said she felt 'artistically raped' and this is why the lawsuit, not only for copyright infringement but also a violation of her right to publicity. Meanwhile, it was recently claimed by NME magazine that Beyonće is in talks to sign a $100 million deal with Disney for work on three upcoming movies.

Dr Stines holds a PhD in Cultural Studies from the University of the West Indies (Mona) and is the artistic director of L'Acadco Dance Company.

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