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Introducing Raxann Chin

Introducing Award-winning, Jamaican born couturier Raxann Chin. As a designer, she has established herself as the only Jamaican to have had her couture designs worn on the red carpets of many of the world's most renowned events, including the Academy Awards, Grammy Awards, and Cannes Film Festival.

Her success in this field and her developing reputation for inventive style and meticulous attention to detail earned her some prestigious assignments. Chin has dressed a wide range of projects in a short amount of time, including opera The Bare Opera Company and the International Brazilian Opera, theatre (Off Broadway's The Glen), cinema The Last, Unspoken, and television The Last, Unspoken, American Trial - The Eric Garner Story.

When it comes to costume design, though, she excels at period outfits.

'I enjoy period performances because they allow me to conduct extensive study and learn a great deal about historical fashion timelines. My own fashion line, Femheka, is frequently inspired by this. Fashion follows a cyclical pattern. Working with historical items reveals a lot about our current selves.' Noted Chin.

Since childhood, this dynamic woman born in Montego Bay has loved her hometown's flora, wildlife, beaches, and coral reefs; the brilliant colours sparked her early interest in art and design and have served as inspiration for much of her work over the years. Despite her initial interest in design, she went on to work for a corporation after graduating from Montego Bay's Mount Alvernia High School, Wayne State University in Detroit, and the University of Detroit's Mercy Law School.

Raxann Chin has received the Karib Nation, Inc. Caribbean Style & Culture Award of Excellence, the Young, Gifted & Black Entrepreneurial Awards Fashion Designer of the Year Award, and the Jamaica Diaspora Northeast USA Future Leader Award Designer, among other honours.


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