• RiddimStyle Staff Writer

How Has COVID-19 Change the Music Industry Part 2

Through the use of certain features available on these streaming platforms, artists can efficiently monetise their content despite the Pandemic. One effective method is through paid memberships, to acquire access to an artist’s exclusive content or to have early access to it.

Such activities are further encouraged by these various streaming services working together to provide a good platform for the artists. Hall even points out that some record labels go as far as to transport equipment to accommodate live streaming for their acts.

In July of this year, Reggae Sumfest, slated to occur July 24 – July 26, was streamed simultaneously on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. According to Joe Bogdanovich, chairman and CEO of Downsound Entertainment, viewership estimated to be 3,448,390 – 3,761,880 over the three days. The event helped to showcase Jamaican artists to a global audience.

It highlighted the quality of presentations that the Jamaican music industry is capable of offering, keeping the authentic feel alive with high technical quality. These examples have also opened doors for opportunities during and post-pandemic life.

Promoters such as Dream Entertainment offer revellers a ‘safe’ space to enjoy themselves. One of the first parties they held once the entertainment reopened in Jamaica was a Tailgate party. The concept of the party was one usually used during Carnival season, both in Jamaica and in Trinidad & Tobago.

Attendees arrive in their cars to the venue, bring drinks, coolers, barbecues and food, park and then exit their vehicles to mingle and party. Dream Entertainment has held this party prior, both in 2018 and 2019.

Cars had a maximum capacity of four (4) passengers, and each vehicle was allotted a specific space of 224 square feet for that group to be able to exit their car while still being social distanced from others. They also required masks, temperature checks, hand sanitisation and electrostatic sanitisation of the venue.

Despite the successes of the initiatives to keep entertainment afloat by artist and promoters as mentioned earlier, It would be too optimistic and unrealistic to expect similar results across the board for every artist, especially for those that were struggling even before the Pandemic struck. However, successful cases exist for acts who put in the hard work, quality, timing and luck involved in the success of these measures for artists who wish to pursue it.