• Janae Hyman

Honorebel Joins Forces with Snoop Dogg, Goya Menor and Joe El

He's easily one of the most genre-defiant artists around; throughout his career, Honorebel has never been categorized into one genre. His collaboration with Pitbull on "Now You See" has gone 2x platinum. He has cemented himself as an international recording artist known for a catalogue of top club hits.

Honorebel has returned with his new crossover hit "Can't Let Go", which features the legendary actor/ rapper Snoop Dogg. There is also a Nijapiano remix which features Afrobeat sensation Goya Menor and Nigeria's mega superstar Joe El.

The original version of "Can't Let Go" was produced by Joe Rovlez of Ecuador and co-written by Marcel Rhoden.

According to Honorebel, "Music is the universal language that unites and inspires but to be able to spread love while doing what you love on a global capacity, keeps me in tune with the universe and that is legendary. Education without morals, music without the message of love, true friends without loyalty is like a ship without a compass, sailing aimlessly at sea. Watch your actions, they become habits, watch your habits, they become a character, watch your character, it becomes your destiny".

Honorebel has worked with various artists, including Big Mountain, Shaggy, and Taurus Riley, as well as Flo Rida, Sean Kingston, Afrojack, and El Micha.


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