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Franklyn ‘Chappie’ St. Juste Pioneer Filmmaker

Franklyn ‘Chappie’ St. Juste (22 Oct 1929 - 5 Nov 2019), Pioneering Trinidadian-Jamaican Cinematographer, Director, and Educator, born 93 years ago today. Godfather to generations of Caribbean filmmakers.

Excerpts from the Tribute by Dr. Patrick Prendergast, Former Student of Chappie and Campus Director, UWI Mona Western Jamaica

"Chaps was a giant of a man who made an incalculable contribution to the teaching of media and communication across the Caribbean. He was a colossal influence on both the production and performance of communication and certainly for me a Master at debating the instructional, directional, and developmental functions of media and the creative arts.

Chappie was a kind of a sage, a unique brand of Master teachers… He was always inviting students up for group work and special assignments; but I think it was just a guise for sharing his passion for cooking which was as intense as his passion for production. As a student I never had that experience; but as a friend? Man! I was happy to visit with him in the hills.

The coffee is brewing. The palau is almost done. Let the wifie know the star apple tree is laden. The gate is open. Come on up! I treated my visits as mini retreats which could last anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 hours.

Chappie was one of the most fascinating of raconteurs to have emerged from the special mix of creatives that only the Caribbean experience could have produced. Simply put, his transition is a huge loss to the interpretive anthropology of this uniquely dynamic space called The Caribbean."

Chappy was the Cinematographer on The Harder They Come


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