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Edley Shine Drops New Hip Hop And Dancehall Fusion Track Grow

Following his participation on Fox 5's "Lion Lunch Hour" discussion show and the release of his single "Billi," Edley Shine has released a new record entitled "Grow" (Shinealous). The former Born Jamerican provides his lyrical opinions on the present condition of Dancehall Reggae, detailing where the music has gone wrong and right.

"Grow" portrays a 360-degree moment where significant creativity, experience, and beliefs converge as the baritone deejay celebrates his 30th anniversary in the field.

The artist sees "Grow" as a statement that aesthetically differentiates him from the direction of the culture. While most musicians defy convention and bend the moral compass of Caribbean culture to get TikTok and YouTube views, Edley Shine offers a kind of music that he considers culturally appropriate.

"One can grow without being morphed into something unrecognisable," Edley Shine argues. "The new song is different from what the kids are embracing and promoting to the rest of the world as reggae dancehall."

"At some point, shock value no longer has the word shock inna it," Edley Shine explains. "I have always gone against the grain confidently, standing firm in my heritage as a foreigner to the culture."

Although Edley Shine believes in music developing and youth carrying the torch, he finds it difficult to defend some of the new images and trends in the global market, where his fan base often asks, "What is this?"

"I hope my message sparks discussion and inspires creatives to restore moral fibre to music," Edley Shine adds. "It's time to counteract the gloom. As an Elder, it is all I can ask."

Edley Shine has huge plans for the fall, including releasing a sophomore EP and continuing his 'Classic Meets Current Tour'.

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