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Dre Island Wants to Get High

International reggae star Dre Island released the official music video for his "High With You" track.

The song, featured as track 6 on his 2022 album 'High Times', celebrates the profound connection between music, herb, and love. The video was shot across St Ann and St. Thomas, showcasing Jamaica's breathtaking scenery.

The music video aims to take viewers on a visually stunning journey, intertwining the double meaning of being "high". The visuals feature social media influencer Lee Not Nice, known for her charismatic personality and distinct dance styles. Her participation adds an extra layer of intrigue to the narrative, symbolising the duality of being "high" on both the herb and the intoxicating feeling of being in the company of a loved one.

The 'High With You' music video showcases beautiful scenery, vibrant colours, and artistic storytelling. It's not a typical marijuana song. As a matter of fact, some people may not even think it's a marijuana song the way I've structured the lyrics, but if you listen keenly, everything I sang about relates to the 'female' plant marijuana," Dre said.

"The song is about my early encounters with the plant and how I was viewed and even scrutinised, then for using it (by my Mum and people in general). Now, it's a source of inspiration for not only me but the world," he added. Dre Island's 2022 'High Times' album has resonated with reggae enthusiasts around the globe. The project is a testament to Dre Island's ability to create music that uplifts, enlightens, and inspires.

'High With You' is a standout track, embodying the spirit of unity and joy for which reggae music has long been known.

With his soulful vocals and versatile lyrics, Dre Island has become a prominent figure in the reggae scene, capturing the essence of Jamaica's rich musical heritage.



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