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Don Andre - Birds Dem Ah Fly

Don Andre has made an epic return to dancehall's mainstream with the release of another club banger. The track, produced by Stashment Production, is entitled 'Birds Dem Ah Fly' and is quickly becoming a staple on the playlists of several adio stations nationally and abroad. However, according to the 'Tom Cruise' deejay, he is humbled by the positive response to the track and hopes it will become another hit.

"The goal is to create another hit, and with the help of my fans, my team and the almighty it will happen. I remember telling Stashment while in studio that this song has a hit feel to it and so far the feedback suggests that people are feeling it," said Don Andre.

The British-based recording artist rose to prominence in 2016 following the release of his smash hit entitled "Tom Cruise", which took the industry by storm and secured his spot in dancehall as a certified hitmaker. Don Andre took a break from music soon after because of undisclosed reasons, which the artiste says he will reveal "when the time is right". Fast forward to 2022, and Don Andre has once again captivated the imagination of dancehall fans, with street selectors and producers saying he effortlessly finds the right flow and words.

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