• Eze Bolade

Dj Private Ryan offers Beauty and the Beast

Dj Private Ryan is back with 'The Beauty and the Beast,' his new riddim production. Both pieces are based on similar drum rhythms; however, they are overlaid in two distinct ways.

Beauty gives you three songs built on happiness and euphoria told through three different lenses. 'Toast' is a celebration of life, 'I Like It' is the delight obtained from a lady's dance, and 'Find A Way' reflects our longing desire to party with each other again.

On the other hand, Beast contains more aggressive and in-your-face aspects, such as the Boatride Anthem's throbbing bassline, which is likely to 'rock a boat,' and the second track's appeal for all girls with good 'BAM BAM' movement.

Dj Private Ryan is a Trinidadian who has garnered international acclaim as a DJ, event producer, and music producer. He was named 'Caribbean Dj of the Year' by the Global Spin Awards in 2012 and was the first Caribbean DJ to be nominated as a finalist for 'International Dj of the Year' by the same organization in 2013. He's visited the Caribbean, North and Central America, and portions of Europe extensively.

He's noted for his versatility and ability to combine diverse genres of music live at parties, in his highly famous internet podcast with over 40 million downloads, and in his distinct production style, defined as Caribbean fusion. He also produces his own worldwide soca DJ festival, 'Soca Brainwash,' which has proven to be a significant global hit with events in seven countries.


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