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Diamond Platnumz – Achii Ft. Koffi Olomide

Bongo Flavour superstar, Diamond Platnumz, has graced the music scene again with his unparalleled talent and creativity. His latest release, a captivating and enchanting track titled "Achii," showcases his musical prowess and marks his consistency in West African pop music.

Diamond Platnumz has joined forces with none other than the legendary Congolese soukous star, Koffi Olomide, adding an extra layer of cultural richness and rhythmic complexity to the already mesmerising composition.

The collaboration between these two musical powerhouses has resulted in a fresh-sounding track that effortlessly combines Diamond's distinctive East African Bongo flavour with Koffi Olomide's iconic Congolese influence.

However, the magic of "Achii" doesn't end with the record alone. The accompanying music video is a visual masterpiece that transcends geographical boundaries. Set against the backdrop of West African aesthetics, the video exudes a sartorial style that is uniquely captivating. The fusion of vibrant colours, traditional motifs, and modern fashion sensibilities creates a visual feast that perfectly complements the enchanting melodies of the song.

Diamond Platnumz's resurgence in the music scene with "Achii" reaffirms his status as a musical sensation and underscores his ability to reinvent and innovate. His commitment to collaborating with Koffi Olomide, a figure of immense significance in African music history, demonstrates his dedication to bridging gaps and celebrating the diverse musical heritage of the continent.


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