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Daughter of Studio One Label founder yet to receive inheritance after 17 years

Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd founded the famous Studio One label where artists such as The Wailers Toots and the Maytals, Dennis Brown, were developed.

According to Daily Mail, the lawyers of the Coxsone estate stated that the 17 years of wait is a result of "competing claims" from potential heirs. This is inclusive of Coxsone's son Clement Junior, their Stepmother Norma and Stepsister Carol.

Last week Morna (63) was sued in the high court by her father's estate based on her selling 20 credits from 6000 to a Japanese company and opening a cafe with her father's popular name(Coxsone Lounge). When brought to court as she represented herself, she insisted that she wasn't aware that it was wrong and needed to pay lawyer fees of £26,000.

She was ordered to change the name of her bar and warned not to act on behalf of the estate because she's just a beneficiary and has no interest in the copyrights.

With all of the back and forth from Morna/other heirs and the administration of the estate, it has been taken over by the Administrator General of Jamaica.



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