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Countree Hype Recruits Pablo YG, Intence, Jahvillani, Tommy Lee Sparta And More For EP

Producer Countree Hype says his second EP— Cosa Nostra— which features Dancehall artists Pablo YG, Intence, Jahvillani, Konshens, Roze Don, Shane O, Deep Jahi, and Tommy Lee Sparta was a response to what his supporters wanted.

Countree Hype has been the principal of Countree Hype Ent/Music since 2017. The producer, who hails from Spaldings Hill, Manchester, noted that the sophomore project will entail “R-rated content, motivational storytelling and female delights.”

As the year draws to a close, he said that he is still dedicated to fulfilling his promise to himself and his fans before tackling 2023. Other contributing producers include Wai Fusion, Fargo and Fame Beats.

“Beside my EP, I have been consistent from 2017 until now with different projects and top-charted songs over this period of time. This year has been good with stand out songs like, Valiant (Rasta) Kraff Gad (Ruff C) Roze Don (Unch it) and Teebone (Baccarat), with many more trending song. I promised my fans 60 songs for 2023 and I will have that completed,” he said.

When quizzed about his thoughts on the dynamic nature of the genres and the controversy that some of the explored themes have sparked, Countree Hype said that he has chosen to ride the waves as they come.

“Not only Dancehall, but music in general has changed and will continue to change thanks to social media and advanced technology. It will never go back to where it was, so we got to just adjust to it,” he reasoned.

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