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Cooyah Returns

KEMET is happy to announce the return of the famous Jamaican clothing line, Cooyah at its flagship retail location at 96 Hope Road, Kingston 6. The store re-opened on Thursday, April 14.

KEMET, a New York-based conglomerate managed by Gary Codner, former Cooyah Managing Partner and Director of Sales & Marketing, and his staff, is driving the reemergence of the renowned clothing brand in the Jamaican market. Cooyah and KEMET have formed a strategic agreement to broaden Cooyah's product offering, market reach, and e-commerce size.

Using a variety of KEMET's brand creation tools, this cooperation leverages the expertise of both firms to develop and expedite innovative consumer experiences in stores and online.

Cooyah has had a significant impact on Jamaica's fashion industry and popular culture. Despite the lack of a proprietary retail presence in Jamaica for the last decade, the brand has a loyal following. It continues to express the Jamaican people's identity and pride through its ties to reggae music, art, and the country's entertainment sector.

The famous nostalgic designs that have had remarkable success will be shown alongside new items inspired by bright young designers in the flagship relaunch. The new collections are divided into Colours, Cooyah Vintage and Cooyah Premium.

Local and international brands and designers, such as Zaid of Kingston Z194, Kasgil, and Cassidy Benson, are cooperating with Cooyah and KEMET. In addition to Cooyah's primary product lines, the retail location will carry Psycho Bunny, Cooyah by Blanco, Clarks clothes and footwear, and hand-painted shoes by Homer Bair, Zaid, and AmarieArt.

Cooyah's rise in the global fashion business will be fueled by KEMET's goal to expand on the brand's tradition as a symbol of reggae, dancehall culture, and Jamaican authenticity. KEMET is driven to push the brand to new heights with an emphasis on quality products and unmatched customer service. Emerging social movements, positive lifestyles, and cultural events will continue to drive and align its creative marketing.

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