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Change 1980s Dance Band Sensation

The 1980s was the period for some excellent dance music after the assault on black music that disco experienced marginalising many great musicians. Some managed to reinvent themselves while others faded.

During the disco and post-disco eras, European-American collaborations were widespread. Donna Summer's collaborations with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte were the most notable and pioneering. Several bands and groups emerged in the post-disco era to create a new dance culture. Change was one of the most memorable but under appreciated bands to emerge in this period.

Change was an Italian-American post-disco band founded in Bologna, Italy, in 1979 by Guadeloupian Jacques Fred Petrus, a businessman and producer, and Mauro Malavasi. Chic, the iconic dance band, had a significant effect on them.

Change is most known for 'The Glow of Love,' a 1980 song featuring the legendary Luther Vandross over a melancholy Chic-like sound. From 1980 through 1985, the group underwent a series of modest alterations, including a changing lineup of vocalists and behind-the-scenes personnel, and recorded 11 more charting singles and six charting albums, two of which reached the Top Ten of Billboard's R&B Albums chart.

Here are some of the great songs from this outstanding ensemble:

A Lover's Holiday

The debut single from the band's 1980 album 'The Glow Of Love.' 'A Lover's Holiday' was a smash hit peaking at #5, on the soul singles chart and peaking at #40 on the Hot 100. This track packed dance floors in night clubs, house parties and sessions all over Jamaica.

The Glow of Love

Luther Vandross, who had yet to achieve fame, sings lead on the song. The singer's performance would be a career turning point for him. The one-time backing vocalist went on to have a very successful and legendary solo career due to his exposure to widespread audiences.


The final single from the debut album 'The Glow of Love' also feature the soaring voice of Luther Vandross, solidifying him as a star vocalists.


This was the first single from their 1981 album 'Miracles,' which featured Diva Gray on lead vocals.

Stop for Love

This is a truly under appreciated song that should have been released as a single. It was one of finest ballads of 1981. James Robinson's voice is amazingly powerful. The song was a favourite of JBC Radio Two FM listeners in Jamaica.

It's a Girl's Affair

Jocelyn Brown sang lead vocals on this single from the 1980 album 'The Glow Of Love.' Another excellent track that was never made into a single.

Heaven of Life

This song was the third single released from Change's second album, 'Miracles.' Luther Vandross, Ullanda McCullough, Benny Diggs, and Fonzi Thornton, among others, provide background vocals. 'Heaven Of My Life,' which was initially released as a 12" promo with 'Miracles' on the A-side, stands out for David Romani's incredible bass solo and James 'Crab' Robinson's superb vocals.


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