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Casely Releases his Heart-Stopping Single Tráfico

Casely, a Miami native known for sweet lyrics and catchy tunes, is back with his debut multilingual single, 'Tráfico.' Casely is reconnecting with his Panamanian and Trinidadian heritage, as well as the rich musical scene of Miami. The mix of his entrancing vocals and dembow creates music that will keep you moving and ready for a scorching summer.

according to the artist.This is the first single off his upcoming album, 'King of the South', set to release in July of this year

'I really wanted to tap into my Latin roots with 'Tráfico' and create a bridge for my current audience to engage with a sound that I find to be really exciting. This song is made to keep you on the dance floor wherever that may be - your room, the kitchen, the street or the club.'

Casely, who has been on CNN, BET, and MTV, has worked with Pitbull, Flo Rida, Red Rat, and Lil Jon, among others, and is no stranger to the music industry. He understands how to keep the party going and the crowd wanting more of his dance-worthy music after appearances at Miami's Calle Ocho concerts, the Barbados Music Festival, and a European concert tour.

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