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Caribbean Collab: Nailah Blackman Joins Maestro Don and D’Yani on 'Senorita' remix.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Trinidadian singer Nailah Blackman, known for her popular hits such as Sokah, Baila Mami, and Baddish ft Shenseea, has teamed up with Maestro Don and D'Yani for the remix of 'Senorita,' produced by Kevstar Records. Pondering who could be the perfect fit for the remix, one factor in the decision-making process was that the person had to be another Caribbean artist.

Nailah being Trinidad's sweetheart and a super talented artist, was the missing piece to the puzzle, said Kevstar in an interview with the Jamaica Observer. Since its release in 2020, the record has gained popularity. However, the goal is to grow their fan base and gain international recognition by taking it one step at a time rather than rushing into it. Kevstar, D'Yani, and Maestro have already built a name for themselves among the local public. Now they are looking to make that connection regionally, and they are hoping the remix will do just that, furthering them into the international market.

According to Kevstar, 'With the remix, we are aiming to bring the song to an international level to people who have never heard it before. We believe in this song and its ability to break into the international market.'

The original song has catchy undernotes. However, the remix has diversity with a female, especially someone with a distinct tone of voice like Nailah.

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