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  • Janae Hyman

Burning The False Image of Jesus Christ

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Denroy Morgan has called for removing all images of the white Jesus. The Rastafarian high priest and the patriarch have called for eliminating all depictions of Jesus as a white man.

The elder noted that it is time for black people to remove the shackles of white oppression that creates the world in their image while denigrating the black experience.

'We are asking for the truth of the image that has been influencing Christian minds for so long. We are asking the false image of Jesus to be removed.

All the statues that have been torn down worldwide mean nothing to us as people. What we need is the truth of our faith, and the man that was crucified had a different image.

If you cannot give us the real image, tear down the false representation.

We will create our own in the spirit of the manifestation of the truth of Jah the true and living God of Israel, ah it dat.'

The 'I'll Do Anything For You' singer recently released two new singles, 'Go Ahead with the Fruit' and 'Holiday'.

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