• Eze Bolade

Buju Believes Jamaican pop music has not grown

Updated: Jun 29

Buju Banton in an interview aired on CVM’s On Stage with Winford Williams believes that Jamaican music has not grown and that Vybes Kartel should reconsider his role in the current state of the Jamaican music scene.

According to the ace deejay, “Can we honestly say that our music has grown? Can we honestly ask that and say yes? Because me personally feel say it nuh grow. Me come out ah walk house and a Kartel me see run the place, same way. Me hear other people, don’t think me nuh hear and a listen but me know music when me hear music. His lyrical content, that’s not my subject. His relevancy, that’s my argument. That aside has he moved?” 

Banton took a defensive stance when asked about the emergence of new genres such as trap dancehall. “You cannot borrow another man’s sound and claim to be authentic. We never borrow nobody sound. People fly from all over the world fe make Sly and Robbie play drum and base and record it fe put it in a computer. So how come we a borrow people sound now? We don’t do those things, we make music,” he said.

Disregarding the fact that all genres of Jamaican music have borrowed extensively from other genres just as much as other genres have borrowed from Jamaican genres. See the full interview below.