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Bugle x Joby Jay x Warrior Sound - Love Vibration

In 2022, a momentous collaboration took place at Bugle's renowned Anointed Studio in Kingston. During this encounter, deep discussions about music Warrior Sound had the pleasure of sharing some of his latest riddims with Bugle. As they vibed to the rhythms, Bugle unveiled a captivating song he had penned, seeking the perfect blend of collaboration and rhythm to bring it to fruition. Serendipitously, one of Warrior Sound's compositions seamlessly aligned with Bugle's vision.

Upon returning to Germany, Warrior Sound received the demo recording of the track and embarked on a quest to find the ideal collaborator to complete this musical journey. Amidst this search, a revelation struck: the distinctive voice and style of Joby Jay, whose breakout hit "Big Girl Ting" had garnered widespread acclaim during the pandemic, would be a perfect match for Bugle's song.

Fortunately, Joby Jay and her team shared the same sentiment, and together, they put the finishing touches on the track. Her addition of a wonderful verse elevated the song to new heights. It is with great excitement that we released "Love Vibration," which some are predicting will be a modern roots anthem.



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