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Authentic, High Energy Sound Clash Set to Take Over Atlanta

"War" is in the air; Sound clash fans are set to descend upon Atlanta in droves for the inaugural "New World Order" sound clash on Saturday, September 17. The premiere battle, produced by Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment, in conjunction with Fresh Station, features the legendary King Addies vs Innocent Sound.

With such a battle of industry-leading sounds set for centre stage in Atlanta, it's no surprise that the energy and excitement of sound clash enthusiasts are bursting at the seams. The long-awaited war is just what's needed to highlight sound clash, one of Jamaica's most prized art forms. Presentation of consistent, authentic sound clashes is a number one priority of Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment and Fresh Station.

The "New World Order" producers have decades of experience, which beam through each staging. However, roughly four years ago, the team was formed to focus on the production of sound clashes in Atlanta. Convening the best of the best sounds and notable rising stars in the southern state gained traction, thrusting Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment into the limelight.

With nearly a dozen impressive events held in the past two years, the team has emerged as a frontrunner in the U.S. sound clash promotions market, joining the handful of brave hearts who keep the Reggae and Dancehall subset thriving. Notably, the team's "Revelations" sound clash in 2021, featuring King Addies vs King Animosity, attracted thousands to "The Peach State," solidifying their mark on the arena.

"In order to find peace, you should always do something you like or love to do," says R.Bryant ("Yello") of Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment. "Music feeds the soul and Reggae Dancehall and sound clash are the courses we crave."

Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment and Fresh Station aim to innovate the clash experience by incorporating bells and whistles into the movement. Customized elements, such as nifty lit wrist bands, a full size boxing ring, a hummer and full artillery bolster the appeal of already trending clashes. No matter what the team does.... they ensure fun and flair enhance each patron's sound clash experience. As the team says, "expect the unexpected."

The headliners of the clash equally match the scaled-up promotions. King Addies, active since the '80s, is indisputably one of the industry's most visible yet sought after sounds. Truthfully, King Addies, with King Pin as the front man, kills sounds effortlessly.

Notably, King Addies appeared and competed in Verzuz's first ever sound clash (although the event technically derives from sound clash culture) against Lion Face (Baby Face) of Lion King sound. Reaching millions with its brand, King Addies expanded its following exponentially. Reasonably young compared to his legendary peers, King Pin has been aggressively competing and dominating the sound system industry.

With a dub box as deep as the Caribbean sea, King Addies has proven to be a generational force to be reckoned with. But many encourage clash enthusiasts to never discount Innocent Sound, as the long-running Florida-based sound boasts years of activity, including victories.

The respected sound killers have a not-so-secret weapon named Dappa Lee. Like his "Leethal" moniker, the selector is dangerous on the mic and is well in control of the sounds dub arsenal; chock full of customs and specials. Dappa Lee's longrunning time on the battlefield makes him a prime contender for King Pin.

It's understandable why the rivalry is brewing. As bets are placed, both sounds are flexing their competitive bravado, leaving fans anxious to take in what's being billed as the war of the year.

Mello Promotions/Fam1st Entertainment and Fresh Station are revelling in the buzz. Although their attention is primarily focused on "New World Order, the collective has several upcoming fall clashes and a Thanksgiving food drive, an event in their growing series of philanthropic efforts.


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