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AfroWave + Soca = One Beat

The growing trend of One Beat in Afrocentric music continues to take shape across the Black Electronic. One of the latest examples is between Trinidad and Tobago's soca superstar Patrice Roberts and top afrowave artist Afro B. The two stars have teamed up with global hitmakers Stadic & Jonny Blaze to present their new summer smash single 'Camera'.

One Beat represents the blending of genres of African origin into a new genre that began in Jamaica but has spread to other parts of the African diaspora, which has cemented its interconnectedness through technology often referred to as the Black Electronic.

'Camera' is the perfect feel-good energy needed right now as summertime is in full swing. The world is slowly reopening, and people are ready to go out and pose for the camera!

Still on fire from the massive success of 'Drogba', the British/Ivorian Afro B and one of the hottest and most consistent Caribbean hitmakers, Patrice Roberts, pull out all the stops with their melodic Afro/Caribbean inspired vocals.

Billboard producers Stadic & Jonny Blaze produced a scorching mix of afrobeats, soca, and pop. A perfect example of One Beat, which continues to link the Black Electronic.

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